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Flow Meter Avery Hardoll 2,5 Inch CM1000


Meter Size : 2,5 Inch
Model : CM 1000
Flow Rate :
22 to 220 (Imp Gall), 100 to 1000  (Lpm), 6 to 60(m3/hr)
Flanges : ASA 125 FF Ductile Iron Steel



Calibration adjustment is provided to minimize the meter error at any selected flowrate. Adjustment isstepless; no gear changing is necessary; and the calibration screw is easily accessible after breaking aseal and removing a sealing screw.All meters are tested to 300 psi (21 bar).All Avery-Hardoll meters are tested before despatch at a range of flowrates and test certificates can besupplied if requested.The fluid used for testing is odorless kerosene.Specific gravity at 60/60ºF, 15/15ºC = 0.8Viscosity at 60ºF, 15ºC = 2.4 centistokes.Suggested correction to be made to the calibrating mechanism when used with products with differentviscosities as follows:Gasoline+ 0.1%Kerosene0.0%Gas Oil– 0.1%Fuel Oil0.22%+means increase counter readingsmeans decrease counter readings
Flow Meter Avery Hardoll 2,5 Inch CM1000
Flow Meter Avery Hardoll 25 Inch CM1000


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