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Krohne AF-E 400

Product highlights

  • Measurement of flow rate, totalised flow and temperature up to +90°C / +194°F
  • Robust casted stainless steel housing (2 mm /0.08″ thickness)
  • Maintains accuracy over a wide pressure and temperature range
  • Round bore tube for minimised pressure loss and a high turndown ratio without risk of cavitation
  • No cross talk: Allows installation in series or in parallel up to a distance of 2 mm / 0.08″ from device to device
  • NAMUR NE 107 diagnostics
  • IO-Link enables transmission of more process data and automated device configuration without programming
  • With rotatable full colour display
  • Nominal sensor sizes 6, 15, 20, 25 mm for flow rates up to 150 l/min with G (male) and NPT or RC (female) threads
    • Various adapters for other thread types
    • Adapter solution for 40 and 50 mm for flow rates up to 500 l/min

Typical applications

Factory automation, Machinery

  • Flow measurement of conductive liquids in utility applications and industrial automation
  • Cooling water monitoring in bending, welding robots, injection moulding and web handling applications
  • Water consumption monitoring in washing installations (grit wash, car wash, industrial wash)
  • Flow monitoring in recirculation of hot and cold water
  • Dosing skids for reagents and catalysts or chemicals


AF-E 400


Electromagnetic flowmeter for utilities and industrial automation

  • Flow measurement of conductive liquids, e.g. coolants, cold/hot water, chemicals, etc.
  • Best-in class temperature range, accuracy, pressure drop and flow range
  • Ultra-compact design for parallel installation and tight spaces
  • 4…20 mA, pulse, frequency, Modbus, IO-Link

The AF-E 400 is an electromagnetic flowmeter for utility applications and industrial automation. This ultra-compact mag meter is the ideal choice for applications with conductive liquids in tight spaces, e.g. in cooling lines of welding equipment, bending machines and robots or on chemical dosing skids. It features best-in-class accuracy in every flow range, allowing optimal processing in automation. The round bore reduction of the sensor makes the flowmeter more resilient in terms of increased pressure, ensuring high accuracy over a wide pressure and temperature range. Its integrated temperature measurement eliminates the need for an additional sensor.

Krohne AF-E 400
Krohne AF E 400


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