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Krohne Optiflux 1100

Typical applications

Water and wastewater industry

  • Standard water applications (potable, raw, salt water, wastewater, heated and cooled water)
  • Abstraction and irrigation
  • Water circulation and treatment systems

Agricultural industry

  • Sludge, manure, mud, slurry

Machinery and apparatus (OEM industry)

  • Compact and mobile skids
  • Chemical handling systems
  • Firefighting systems, foam mixing, control of sprinkler systems
  • Filtration systems
  • Pump wagons

HVAC industry

  • Heat transfer and cooling systems
  • Pump control



  • Economical flow measurement of liquids (≥5 μS/cm) with solid content (≤10%)
  • -25…+120°C / -13…+248°F
  • Wafer-style design: DN10…150 / ⅜…6″, max. PN40 / ASME Cl 300
  • 4…20 mA, pulse, frequency, status, HART®

The OPTIFLUX 1100 is a cost-effective electromagnetic flowmeter (EMF) with lightweight wafer-style design. The meter is an economical solution for general applications with conductive liquids (≥5 μS/cm) and lower solid content (up to 10%). Unlike the basic device OPTIFLUX 1050, the OPTIFLUX 1100 offers a better accuracy. It is suitable for use in various industries – from water, wastewater and mobile applications to machine building (OEM), agriculture and utilities to firefighting.

Product highlights

  • Bi-directional flow measurement over a wide dynamic range
  • Lightweight and compact wafer-style (“sandwich”) design for space saving installation
  • Reinforced PFA liner: Smooth surface, excellent chemical resistance
  • Pipe cross-section without restrictions for slurries with non abrasive solid particles
  • Standard measurement accuracy: ±0.3% or ±1 mm/s of measured value (MV)
  • Diagnostics incl. conductivity, electrode error, ambient and process temperature etc.
  • No periodical maintenance needed
  • On-site verification of flowmeter with OPTICHECK service tool


Krohne Optiflux 1100
Krohne Optiflux 1100


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