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SATAM LM TM Model 2 INCH Turbine Flow Meter




Turbine Flow Meter Model LM TM

The Satam turbine flowmeter is primarily used for high-capacity metering. Its 400 mm measurement tube can accurately measure at flowrates of over 4000 m3/h. Its excellent pressure and temperature resistance qualities means it is capable of providing reliable and accurate measurements for liquid gases such as LPG, as well as for cryogenic liquids. The LM and TM models come fitted with a two-bladed helical rotor. This construction ensures low sensitivity to variations in viscosity.

Sectors of Application

Marine applications Loading and unloading of tankers
Oil production Metering for transfers of crude oil and condensate via pipeline
Oil depots For product reception and at loading stations for wagons and ships
Refineries Internal metering and control of manufacturing processes

Key Points

Low maintenance costs Simple and robust design with interchangeable mechanical components
Stability of measurements Not sensitive to variations in pressure. Integrated flow straightener
Wide range of uses Available for liquids from 5 to 4000 m3/h


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