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Transfer Pump Fill-Rite NX25-120NB-AH

  • Continuous duty cycle, transfer fuel all day with no downtime
  • Pumps 25% faster, eliminating hours of costly driver downtime while filling up equipment
  • Consumes up to 45% less electricity, slashing operating costs and boosting efficiency
  • 60% lighter weight, making installation faster and strain-free
  • 75% reduction in common field repair costs through quality design and construction
  • Built in remote on/off, ideal for tall above ground tanks
    Industry Agriculture, Construction, Energy & Power, Fleet/Transportation, Logging, Municipalities
    Fluid Handling Diesel, Gasoline, Mineral Spirits
    Product Series NX25
    Pulser No
    Swivel No
    Pump Product Type Electric
    Flow Rate Range (GPM) 0-25GPM


Transfer Pump Fill-Rite NX25-120NB-AH,distributor Transfer Pump Fill-Rite yang tepat,Tersedia Berbagai Tipe & Spesifikasi Produk Transfer Pump Fill-Rite Dengan Kualitas Asli & Terpercaya. Jika ingin beli Transfer Pump Fill-Rite NX25-120NB-AH dengan harga grosir,Kami banyak pilihan, bergaransi & melayani pengriman ke seluruh wilayah indonesia
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